Three Second Rule

The Three Second Rule

We aren’t talking about the pickled egg you just dropped on your basement floor.  When we say the “three second rule” we mean that if you don’t say something that captivates your audience with the first three seconds you are going to lose their attention

The goal is to generate curiosity and get users to click on, and check out your post.

Here are some recommendations on how you can start improving your social media.

1.) Be bold with your imagery:

Choose pictures that evoke interest and stand out from other listings.  

2.) Add Text:

For platforms like Instagram, the audio is automatically muted.  Adding a short caption can have a huge impact on your engagement.  Just remember to try and make your caption easy and appealing to read.  We recommend 5 - 10 words if possible.

You can add effects to your captions with apps like “WordSwag” or “Instaquote”.

3.) Focus on a goal:

Have you ever heard of the saying “aim small, miss small?”  In other words, don’t shoot aimlessly for a target. Define your goal so that you can figure out what is working and what you need to change.  Your goal could be sales, brand awareness or product education. You should always try to have one goal in mind for each post.If you have too many goals, you could end up trying too many things, which may confuse your social media followers and deliver poor results.

Tom Kurlander